Benefits of Minecraft: Having Fun with Digital Blocks!

With its colorful blocks and open world, Minecraft has grown in popularity since its launch. This creative building game has provided endless opportunities for gamers to explore their imaginations while developing a variety of skills. Beyond just having fun, we found there are many benefits of Minecraft.

Benefits of Minecraft

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When we got an Xbox for our boys, the first game we got for them was Minecraft. Our 8 year old took to watching a series of Youtube videos of gameplay, so it was a no-brainer that he’d enjoy playing himself. I thought it’d be a nice way for him to satisfy his need for screen time and video games. I totally underestimated what this game has to offer.

Whether it’s developing cognitive skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, honing math skills, or learning social skills, Minecraft offers a game based learning experience. It’s a fun video game, though can al also be an educational tool that complements classroom learning and teaches valuable skills. Let’s explore!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredibly popular sandbox game that has been captivating gamers around the world since it was first released in 2011. (Okay, technically it was released in 2009 as “Cave Game.” and the Bedrock Edition debuted in 2017.)

It allows players to explore, build and create in a virtual world made of blocks. The game is set in a randomly generated 3D world and players can gather resources, craft tools and build structures using those resources.

When my son first logged in he started exploring.  After a few hours, he had built a nice little house. The next day it had a garden with a supply shed. The next time I checked in on him playing, the house had a second floor with a glass windowed atrium, a third floor storage, several bedrooms, wall to wall carpeting, an aquarium, and artwork throughout. There were hitching posts and horses, livestock in pens, and the farm had irrigation.

Lounging on the couch as our son left the house he built and went adventuring across the terrain and eventually spelunking in some mines, my wife commented, “Wow, I can really see the appeal of this game.”

In Minecraft, players have complete freedom to explore, build and create, and there is no specific objective or end goal to “win.” This open-ended playstyle allows for endless possibilities and encourages creativity and imagination. The game can be played in single-player mode, where players explore and build on their own, or in multiplayer mode, where players can work together or compete with others.

Minecraft has become widely popular due to its unique combination of building, survival and exploration elements, and its open-ended, creative playstyle. It has won numerous awards and has been praised for its educational value, as it can help develop skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and creativity.

Minecraft has expanded beyond the screen – you can find Minecraft Lego sets, stylised 8 bit blocky tools from the game, plush toys and stuffies, clothing, and home decor. There’s plenty for fans to choose from, and plenty of gift choices for the Minecraft geek in your life!

Benefits of Playing Minecraft

Like most video games, Minecraft is a fun game and a source of joy and entertainment. With its vibrant visuals, iconic imagery, and accessible gameplay, players can express themselves by building intricate structures and customizing their world as they please!

It’s a blank canvas for architectural genius, perfect for unleashing your inner artist. Kids can learn math by building complex shapes or hone social and communication skills while playing with friends online. The open world invites exploration and problem solving as players work to achieve their in game goals.

Minecraft offers endless opportunities for young minds to explore, create, and develop. The sandbox game encourages creativity and builds problem-solving skills at the same time.  

Don’t overlook the educational benefits of Minecraft; it’s even being used as a teaching tool in some schools!  You can read more in our post about how Minecraft helps teach the scientific method and STEM concepts.

 Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits Minecraft offers.

Cognitive Skills

When it comes to cognitive skills, Minecraft has a lot to offer. The game encourages players to think critically and solve problems in order to progress. It also teaches them how to strategize, plan ahead and analyze data.

The game’s survival mode puts this knowledge into practice as players must collect resources, craft tools and build structures in order to survive. 

Complex Shapes & Structures

One of the key features of Minecraft is its ability to teach complex shapes and structures. The Minecraft world is made from basic building blocks. From these basic cubes and rectangles to advanced pyramids and spires, kids can use the craft tools provided within the game to build whatever they can imagine.

As they experiment with different shapes and configurations, players can gain an appreciation for architecture, geometry skills, engineering and design – all while having a blast!

Math Skills

Who said math has to be boring? Minecraft can help develop math skills as players are required to measure distances, build shapes, and count items for crafting.

From basic addition and subtraction to complex geometry and angles, children can apply their knowledge of mathematics in order to create beautiful structures. The entire world is made from blocks, so geometry factors in as players build or traverse the game world.

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Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Minecraft isn’t just a fun video game – it can also help your child develop their problem-solving skills!  In the game, players are encouraged to think critically and strategize in order to progress. They must plan ahead, analyze data and solve problems in order to survive the game’s survival mode.

With its survival mode, kids are encouraged to think critically and strategize in order to progress. They must plan ahead, analyze data and solve problems.

Social Skills

Video games are often seen as an antisocial activity, but the cooperative nature of games foster teamwork and collaboration.  

Players can take on the challenge of building incredible structures with their friends, watch each other’s backs in Survival mode, or compete against each other in various game modes.  Through these activities, players can practice communicating clearly with others, formulating strategies and solutions together, and learning trust and cooperation.

Parents can set up personal servers or custom servers for their children so that they have control over who their child plays with online. With Minecraft’s social features, kids can enjoy a fun video game while socializing and playing with friends.

Resource management

Minecraft is an excellent sandbox game, allowing gamers the freedom to let their imaginations run wild and come up with creative solutions for complex shapes. One of the most important skills to learn when playing in Survival mode is resource management. Some resources are rare and hard to come by.

Minecraft Inventory

Not only do gamers need to get used to making the most of what they have; they also need to know when trees must be replanted so that their resources don’t disappear forever! Resource management in Minecraft teaches real-life lessons about budgeting and conservation that will benefit kids both now and later on in life.

Is Minecraft safe? Parental Controls & Safety Issues

Minecraft is an incredibly popular video game, but it’s important for parents to be aware of the safety implications that come with playing. Fortunately, Minecraft offers parents a range of parental controls and safety features to ensure their kids are safe when playing.

Players (or parents) can set up personal servers and custom servers, allowing control over who can join the game. Creating a personal server can provide control over who can join their game, so your little gamer can play with a curated list of friends.

Additionally, they can also choose from various game modes like survival mode or creative mode to match the skills and maturity level of their child.

With these tools at hand, parents can rest assured that their children will be able to enjoy Minecraft while having a safe and secure gaming experience. Check out our parent’s guide to Minecraft to learn more.

Wrap Up – Benefits of Playing Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that offers many benefits to kids and adults alike. With its open-ended nature and ability to craft complex shapes, it encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, and even leadership qualities in players. It can also serve as an educational tool for kids who are looking for more advanced math or programming skills.

Beyond that, it’s a fun way for players to get creative, express themselves, and explore!


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