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Hello and welcome to STEMtropolis!

We’re a family, doing our best to educate and encourage our children and prepare them for the future.  Our boys love to read and learn, and we love learning with them and watching them discover the world. 

Stemtropolis family

Howie has honed a number of interests and hobbies.  He’s spent nearly a decade as a professional touring musician, studied and instructed martial arts for a good chunk of his life, and graduated with a 4.0 honors degree (when he finally decided to go to college.)  He’s worked professionally in Higher Education and has traveled the world as a trainer, educator, and technical consultant. He enjoys reading – everything from sci-fi or horror fiction to quantum physics, AI, philosophy, finance, and digital marketing.  His winding career paths have taken him through highly technical topics, as well as art, photography, and music.

Lauri earned a degree in anthropology, and started a career as an archeologist. After years of digging in the dirt she decided to go back to school.  She earned her masters degree in Library and Information Science and has worked designing education materials, as well as a librarian in academic and public settings.  She is always in the middle of reading several books on a wide variety of topics, from fiction, psychology, brain chemistry, biographies, and history.  In her ‘spare’ time, Lauri enjoys crafting and baking.

We have two inquisitive boys, and are excited to pass along our lifelong love of learning.  We enjoy reading with them, and opening doors to discovery together.  We find great joy in watching them watch the world, and we learn as much from them as they do from us.  We’re looking forward to some great adventures in the realm of STEM and STEAM, and hope you’ll enjoy sharing the journey and discoveries with us.

What can you expect from STEMtropolis?

We’ll cover all things related to STEM and STEAM.  STEM is all about experimentation, integration, and learning.  Join us as we try out STEM and STEAM activities, crafts, and DIY projects.  We’ll share our successes and failures so we can all learn together.  We’ll review STEM and educational toys, kits, subscription boxes, books, and more. We’ll explore art and music and where it puts the “A” in STEAM.  We’ll examine jobs and careers, and talk about how STEM prepares students for the future. Most of all, we’ll have some fun!

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