Escape Room Puzzle Game - Lost Tomb of Egypt

Escape Room Puzzle Game - Lost Tomb of Egypt

Solve your way through 6 Escape Room puzzle challenges that reveal a final secret code, this fun and engaging printable game will be a huge hit for kids ages 6-8.

Whether you're planning a themed party, a birthday celebration, a sleepover, or just need some rainy-day activities, or a treat for your class our an Escape Room game is a fun activity kids will enjoy.

If you're planning for someone who is fascinated by Egypt, archeology, pyramids, or just loves a good mystery, our Lost Tomb of Egypt game is perfect for you.

Our escape room game is designed to be easy to set up and play, with no props or complicated instructions required.   With no cutting, folding, or taping required, our no-prep escape room allows you to start experiencing the thrill of the escape room today.  This is a no to low prep activity - just print and play!

Kids can complete the puzzles individually or in small groups, making it a great activity for classrooms, youth groups, summer camps, or team-building exercises. With our escape room kit, you'll have everything you need to create an exciting adventure for your little ones from the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Grab your copy today and let the fun begin!

PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
6 puzzle challenges
Answer Recording sheet
Set up instructions
Frequently asked questions
Hint cards

Bonus PDF file that unlocks with the game code!

Gameplay: About 45 minutes
Ages: 6-8 (Basic math skills required for some puzzles)
Number of players: As many as you want!


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